Six Reasons you Need a Swim Spa in Your Backyard
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Six Reasons you Need a Swim Spa in Your Backyard

by | Apr 5, 2022

Swim Spas & All Weather Pools help create the ultimate backyard playground for both fitness and relaxation. Their versatility and easy-to use-systems make them the perfect way for you and your family to have fun year-round in the comfort of your own backyard. Here are six reasons you should get an All Weather Pool in your backyard.


Fitness Fun for the Whole Family

Swim spas are a great way for the whole family to get some exercise in while having fun. Enjoy swimming from the comfort of your own backyard or do some underwater weights with our easy-to-use fitness kit. Aquatic fitness is a great way to have some fun with the whole family without the hassle of leaving the house.


Year-Round Fun

Swim spas are great because you can use them all year! With standard pools, setting them up and taking them down every year can be a huge hassle that can discourage even experienced pool owners from choosing to take on the challenge. 

Arctic Spas® aptly named All Weather Pools work year round, allowing you to enjoy your pool no matter the temperature. Wake up nice and early on a summer morning for a quick swim before work or have a nice, long soak in the hot water of your swim spa on a chilly winter night.


Increase your Home Value

Did you know that having a Swim Spa or All Weather Pool in your backyard increases your property value? If you’re worried about potentially needing to move a couple of years after getting your swim spa, don’t! A backyard pool can significantly increase your home’s value, and can sometimes even help seal the deal for a potential home buyer.


Create an Outdoor Resort in Your Backyard

Swim Spas are perfect for creating a backyard oasis to host outdoor gatherings all summer long! With a great place for the kids to splash around in while you cook up some burgers for all of your closest friends and family, a swim spa is the heart of any backyard resort.


Encourage Family Time

While swim spas are great for hosting all of your friends, they also make for a great place for your family to reconnect. Without the distraction of technology, your family can enjoy a quick swim all together or you can use your swim spas as a hot tub and sit and chat about your day while enjoying the relaxing warm water.


Space is Limiting you From Getting a Pool

All Weather Pools are fantastic for small backyards! They are 173” x 93” x 51” and are much easier to install than a standard swimming pool. Once the swim spa is in your backyard, let our professional delivery team connect it to electricity and then you can start filling it up!

Arctic Spas® has six different swim spa models for you to choose from and then you can customize it to create the perfect swim spa for you. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people are buying a swim spa to upgrade their backyard.

How do I know which is the right All Weather Pool for me?

There are many questions to ask before buying an All Weather Pool. Our Arctic Spas® specialists are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance on how to choose the right All Weather Pool. Make an appointment for a personal or virtual consultation or download our hot tub buyer guide here.

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