Peace of mind warranties at Arctic Spas

Peace of mind warranties at Arctic Spas

So, you’ve made the exciting decision to purchase an Arctic Spas hot tub or swim spa. Congrats! Buying a long-lasting, high-quality spa is an investment and so it’s vital that you choose a company with an established track record of selling high quality products. It’s important to understand what warranties are in place to ensure you get the most life and enjoyment out of your spa.

Why are warranties important?

A warranty is a written agreement between a customer and a vendor to uphold the promise that if a part or component breaks or stops working properly, the vendor will fix or replace that component. Warranties are designed to protect the consumer and give you peace of mind about your purchase. We understand that sometimes unexpected things may happen. Our warranties act as an assurance that you will get lasting value out of your hot tub or swim spa. At Arctic Spas, we want you to enjoy your new spa stress free and hassle free, as it should be!

Things to consider

Before you decide to buy a spa, carefully consider the warranties offered on components like:

The shell structure

The actual floor and the material it’s made from

The plumbing / components coverage

Having a solid guarantee that your spa is built to last and can withstand the harsh elements and seasonal changes will protect your investment. Remember that most spa sellers are customer-driven and so you can afford to be more selective when it comes to choosing a company that stands firmly behind its product.

RULE OF THUMB: Get everything in writing before you take the plunge.

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